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Tony Hadlow

creative director | publisher | illustrator | marketer | fabricator | strategist | hunter & gatherer

Tony got out his brushes and paints and started fineline design agency (previously finelinecreative) 30+ years ago. Since those early days he has created successful, renown brands and even continues to partner with clients from those early days. Tony brings a blend of skills from hand drawn illustration (some of his design proposals are best presented in this medium), to radio script writing and overall concept development, design and production. Give Tony a call today.


Rob Hindley

multimedia designer | sofa spud

Rob is the 'ying' to Tony's 'yang'. He has several years experience, both in New Zealand and overseas, in advertising agencies, design studios and television stations perfecting his craft. While Tony offers traditional handcrafted art and marketing concepts, Rob is passionate about using digital technology to build brand components - print, web, video and animation - that get attention. Its called 'making the message pop'.




icon / watchdog / road safety ambassador

Stiff but well groomed. Always on time and never lippy. Loves the company so much that he practically lives in the studio.

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