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The creative go-to guys in Rotorua

Graphic Design. Illustration. Branding. Signs. Displays. Websites. Animation. Video. Social Media Marketing.


Tony Hadlow

Creative Director, illustrator, painter, graphic designer, sign and display creator, publisher, voice-over talent, hunter & gatherer

With over 30 years designing in a multitude of creative disciplines, Tony brings a unique view point to every project. As a practitioner of art skills past, Tony has exceptional creative ability with the pen and brush. He has also developed some of New Zealand's well-known brands. He loves seeing clients get a boost from our input - 'cos results really do count.

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Rob Hindley

Multimedia Designer, print & motion designer, copywriter, animator, video & vfx editor, website designer, sofa spud

Hailing from Tauranga via Auckland and London, Rob brings a number of commercial skills to the team. As an experienced multimedia designer, Rob has a number of years working with top advertising agencies as well as in the television industry. He brings skills in copywriting, motion graphics, 3d animation, video directing and editing and website development. He loves Pam's Gummi Party Mix.

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Natisha Dahya

Graphic Designer and Cake Creator Extraordinaire

Auckland-born but Vegas-raised, Natisha is the latest aquisition for finelinecreative. We are her first commercial gig (poor thing!) Trained at Yoobee in Auckland for graphics and Waiariki Polytech in Rotorua for multimedia, when not creating with a mouse and staring at an iMac you'll find her creating with a piping bag and staring at an oven. A cake maker with awesome skills. And yes - her dad does own a dairy!

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Stan the Pukeko

Mascot, watchdog, icon.

Our trusty associate. Always on time and never lippy. Stiff but well groomed. Likes the job so much he practically lives here. Stan loves being safe from the dangers of ill-timed road crossing.

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art for sale

Limited edition prints of New Zealand's famous fishing lakes complete with illustrated local wildlife and names penned by the artist's own hand. Signed and numbered by Tony Hadlow. Unframed.


Lake Rotorua

$500 inc GST 
Limited to 200 prints

Lake Tarawera

$500 inc GST
Limited to 200 prints

Lake Rotoiti Map

Lake Rotoiti

$500 inc GST
Limited to 200 prints

Lake Okareka

Lake Okareka

$850 inc GST
Limited to 30 prints


Waiheke Island

$950 inc GST
Limited to 30 prints


Lake Taupo

$950 inc GST
Limited to 30 prints

Wellington Harbour

Wellington Coast

$1000 inc GST
Limited to 30 prints

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