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You can even buy your own limited edition New Zealand lakes print - numbered and signed by the artist!


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Tony and Rob are creative geniuses - and I do not use the term lightly. Although Tony talks and acts like he's had 10 cups of coffee before breakfast, he and Rob are brilliant at getting the exact right image for our brand - and they do it fast. Their work for our event has ranged from everything from the regular - fliers, website, brochures, books and vehicle signage - to the extraordinary - with giant banners, gantry's and a chalet branded for a French mountain village. Our brands [Tarawera Ultramarathon and Tarawera Trail Marathon] have been viewed countless millions of times on TV and online. A great deal of the success of our events owes itself to the professional, consistent branding from Fineline Creative. Get that man more coffee!

Paul Charteris
Owner - NZ Trail Runs Ltd